Alumni testimonials

Amin - cohort 1 codezoner

I came across codezoners when I was wishing for two things: A chance to put knowledge to practice very quickly and the opportunity to find out what I'm good at. All I knew was that I wanted to be an excellent coder and a valuable team player. At codezoners, we are learning a lot, but being able to build working products at our work placement makes it more empowering. If you're a hands-on kind of person and you're not afraid of thinking, you would find the course engaging."

Kay - cohort 1 codezoner

I had never done any programming before, but when I joined codezoners I was surprised to find that it’s not as difficult as it looks. I joined because I would like to be part of the future success in the creativity and innovation of technology. Coding is the new language everyone should learn and becoming a codezoner is the right way to start"

Kola - cohort 2 codezoner

It's been a fruitful and interesting nine months. I will appreciate and cherish the experience, as I believe it will serve as a platform for greater achievement for me in the near future.

Daniele - cohort 2 codezoner

Codezoners ​has ​g​iven​ me the knowledge in programming that I needed to progress my career and the opportunity to work at Time Out, where I learnt a lot from top software developers in a production environment​. I​ am very grateful ​for having ​been ​allowed to get involved with this project and my outcome is for sure positive as I finally got the job that I wanted​

Trevor Fenwick, Executive Chairman, Euromonitor International

Partnering with Ravensbourne on the codezoner programme was an excellent way for Euromonitor to grow talent for the future as well as helping a young person start their career. Through codezoners’ recruitment process we knew we were getting a young person who wanted to learn and gain as much experience as possible. With the right support internally they’ve very quickly become an asset to the company.