For industry partners

What is codezoners?

Codezoners is a 9 month ​combined digital learning and work placement programme for young people, blending ​a course in the latest ​coding and design skills ​at Ravensbourne ​with​ parallel work placements in real life business environments within codezoners industry partners.

The combined learn and work programme offers ​codezoners a unique opportunity to ​apply and hone ​newly acquired​ ​digital ​skills​ in real-time, and simultaneously bring the latest digital skills and young digital talent to codezoners industry partner​s​.

Codezoners spend 2 days per week on the course on Ravensbourne’s state-of-the-art campus in Central London and 3 days per week working on live projects within a codezoners industry partner.

Who is codezoners for?

Codezoners is aimed at young people, aged 18-25, not in employment, education or training, who have already shown some aptitude for and interest in coding and design and would like to take their interest and skills to the next level. But, we are also open to older applicants who are interested and can make the commitment.

Codezoners is open to any business - large or small in any industry – in need of/which may benefit from adding cutting-edge digital skills to its workforce, and who would like to give a young person an opportunity to apply his/her newly acquired coding and design skills in their business.

We are looking for industry partners in the software, digital design or content industries - or with software technology involvement - willing to take on high-calibre candidates - 9 months, 3 days per week. We provide the skills training. At the end of 9 months, apprentices are trained to high level in software engineering fundamentals but also knowledgeable in the domain of the business.

What will students learn?

For more information on the curriculum, teaching methods and technologies used please click here.

What can industry partners expect?

Through participation in codezoners industry partners get:

  • Access to a unique combination of rudimentary coding and visualisation skills
  • A new approach to and fresh perspective on computer programming, delivering innovation in the blending of coding and design, which opens up new channels of communication and adds creative and business value
  • Opportunity to hone own skills development
  • Opportunity to spot new talent

What does Ravensbourne expect from industry partners?

In exchange for gaining access to the unique skills of a codezoner during their work placement, Industry Partners are asked to:

  • Offer a codezoner an opportunity to apply his/her skills on live business projects.
  • The company is invoiced £1,000/mo. This covers the bursary payments for students and teaching / facilities overheads, consumables, events, etc
  • Be willing to explore employment opportunities for codezoners at the end of the 9m.

Selected list of industry partners